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by Steve on March 12, 2013


Yahoo Mail (also known as Ymail), one of the world’s most popular webmail services, is accessed at www.yahoomail.com. What this means is that you just need to enter that web address into your browser’s address bar, to access the page through which you can sign into (or sign up for) the Yahoo Mail service. You can also access this webmail service from mail.yahoo.com.

Key Features of Yahoo Mail

Some of the key features of Yahoo Mail, the ones that make it attractive to many people, include:

  • The unlimited mail storage space offered: the philosophy behind Yahoo Mail in this regard (nowadays) is that you, as the user, should never have to delete an email you’d otherwise want to keep, on account of having run out of storage space for it. You can keep as much stuff as you want in your Yahoo Mail account without worrying about running out of space.
  • The integrated instant message client: this means that you can chat with people ‘from your inbox.’ You don’t have to download and install the Yahoo! Messenger application. You can access it as part of your Yahoo Mail account.
  • The advanced mail search capabilities: this means that if you want to access a particular email that you received (or sent) some time ago, you don’t have to go scrolling through the folders, painstakingly looking for it. Rather, you just have to remember something in the mail (either in the ‘addresses’ part of it, in the ‘subject’ part of it, or in the ‘main body’ of it), and use that to search for it.
  • The speed of navigation: this is thanks to the fact that Yahoo Mail sends stuff in the form of ‘data packs’ through a technology known as AJAX, which means that the whole page doesn’t have to be reloaded every time you make a request. This has an extremely huge positive impact on performance.
  • The advanced spam filtering capabilities: this means that your chances of being exposed to unsolicited email in your main inbox are greatly reduced if you make full use of this feature.

Key functions You Can Perform at www.yahoomail.com

There are several key functions that you can perform at www.yahoomail.com. Those include:

  • Signing into Yahoo Mail: to do this, you just need to enter your Yahoo Mail username and password into the text boxes provided for the purposes, and then click on the ‘sign in’ button.
  • Signing up for Yahoo Mail: you just need to click on the relevant link (the one that invites you to sign up for Yahoo Mail, and you will gain access to a form that you need to fill up, in order to access Yahoo Mail.
  • Initializing password recovery: if you want to sign into Yahoo Mail, but you have forgotten your password, you can initialize the password recovery process at www.yahoomail.com.
  • Researching about Yahoo Mail: if you want to know more about the features of Yahoo Mail, www.yahoomail.com is the page to access and initiate the research (from, among others, the ‘help’ section).

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